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Financial Services

We place our greatest emphasis on accounting and our proven ability to manage our client's funds. All of our financial data and account information is on a web based server. This server can be accessed from any computer and will be made available to all board members with certain restricted read only access. This system also allows us to email information therefore directly reducing mailing and copy costs.

The technology used to operate our online information also makes it impossible to hijack your data in transit. Why? Because there is no actual data being transmitted over the Internet. With M2 Management Group, the program and data never leave the server, increasing the speed and overall application.

Some of the specific accounting services we offer include:

Audit Services - We will work with the Association's accountant if an audit is requested.

Bank Accounts - We assure that all operating, reserve and other investment accounts are properly set-up, maintained and reconciled.

Budgeting Services - We will prepare an annual operating budget for review and approval by the Board and/or Association. We also help the Board maintain a long-range capital improvement reserve schedule.

Cash Management - We will provide all the reports necessary to properly assist the Board with all cash management decisions.

Collection Services - We enforce the collection of monthly assessments and other charges. We maintain aggressive follow-up action on all unpaid assessments and fees. We offer multiple options as a way to pay assessments.

Financial Reporting - We offer customized financial reporting and we also offer online access to all financial information through our web based software.

Invoicing Services - We can issue payment coupons or monthly statements depending on the Board's directive.

Payables - We will detail all the payables and print checks for the Association.

Payroll Services - We can approve time sheets, distribute payroll and prepare the necessary tax form documents for all on-site personnel.

Receivables - We will collect all the maintenance payments along with any other payments and process them into the proper bank accounts.

Resident Information - We keep accurate records of homeowner occupancy and receipts. We distribute payment coupons to all current and new homeowners.

Tax Services - We will work with the Association's acountant to ensure that all tax reporting is completed.