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Administrative Services

Successful property management involves a systematic execution of tasks and activities which require effective organization and follow through.  Many tend to ignore these administrative details and while these tasks are somtimes less visible, they are extremely important and the proper handling and execution of these items yields extremely positive results.  

Our firm acts both in an advisory capacity and as a mechanism for the homeowner's to carry out their mandated responsibilites.  This permits our clients to utilize our expertise in making good decisions which maintain the continuity of their communities and helps promote the appreciation of property values.

We invite all communications, as customer service is the key to all business relationships.  We view questions as an opportunity to explain and educate homeowner's on their responsibilities as a member of a community living environment.  If your homeowner's have a problem we want them to call so they can rest assured that we will be there to help them resolve any matters.

Annual Meetings - We will coordinate notice, proxy, agenda and ballot activities for Annual Meetings of the Association.  We can act as chairperson for the meeting if requested.  We also handle any question and answer sessions as they may develop.

Board Relations - We attend scheduled meetings with the Board in order to review the financial reports and discuss upcoming goals and activities for the Association.

Committee Relations - We provide direction and support for all volunteer committee's

Contract Management - We will gather the information needed to properly develop bid specifications, negotiate the bidding process and oversee the contract preparation.

Covenant Enforcement - We will interpret and enforce the rules of your community.  We also assist and advise the Board in the development or updating of rules and due process procedures.

Delinquencies - We will aggresively follow all Association collection policies.

Emergency Services - We will maintain a 24 hour 7 day a week service line for emergencies.

Employee Relations - We will if needed, recruit, hire, train and supervise all on-site personnel in accordance with the Board's direction.  We will maintain an open line of communication with all employees.  We also handle all payroll related activities.

Energy Conservation - We will observe and implement energy conservation measures as they become available.

Insurance - We will negotiate and maintain the appropriate property and liability coverage for the Association.  We also assist in the processing of claims related to the common property.

Interpretation of Documents - We will review, interpret and modify Association governing documents in accordance with the Board's objective.

Legal Assistance - We will facilitate legal counsel assistance in appropriate matters.

Office Services - We maintain a central business office for the Association.  We will answer phone calls, greet visitors and business associates on behalf of the Association.

Planning Services - We will work with the Board in developing proper planning for the community and develop a maintenance responsibility chart and calendar.

Resident Communications - We will prepare and distribute Association correspondence and notices.  We will also develop and maintain effective complaint procedures. 

Record Maintenance - We maintain current records including resident and unit information, contracts, insurance information, accounting records and a variety of miscellaneous records on site.  We will maintain the archived records of the Association at an accessible location.

Scheduled Inspections - We conduct regular inspections of the common property and community assets.